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Abraham Lincoln barn find, info help please.


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Hello everyone, I like to lurk, and I know not exactly the type of military history per se, but Abraham Lincoln.  My guess is the pose/photo is from around 1863, maybe around Thanksgiving proclamation?  This was in a barn that has been out of use for half a century, I realize the condition, but it is definitely better than it could be, I still think it is cool and am giving it to my son who is working towards his history doctorate.  He inherited my family’s history love.   The back does have a stamp, but I can’t decipher it outside of the first word “THE.”  It looks like it could say “Haz or Maz, ?, maybe Process?  The broken frame appears to be original (I think I may restore it as I have done in the past with a composite fill and matching paint, but not sure yet) and appears to be made of a plaster and wood composite with the hanging wire still attached.  The portrait piece measures 6 x 8.  I can’t tell if it is a regular cabinet card style photograph printed then tinted/painted or if it is actually a canvas piece.  My grandmother’s profession was tinting/painting photographs in the 1920’s-40’s (this not related to her) but I’ve not seen any earlier ones that looked anything like this.  A lot of texture on the front like with a canvas.  Any info is appreciated, I just thought it was a cool little piece even with the damage.  








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To quote James D. Horan's book "Mathew Brady", he states "this is the most famous Brady picture of Lincoln, although there is evidence that it may have been taken by A. Berger."

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