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Mk1A1 Training Grenade?


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Picked this up yesterday to go with my fledgling practice grenade collection. I believe it to be a WW2 Mk1A1 training grenade? Also, it is red in color. Is that a possible correct color for one of these? Only markings are a #4 on one side and a #3 on the other.


Thanks, Scott







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8 minutes ago, silverplate said:

Nice collection Scott. Now you need a shipping tube.

Thanks! I do need a shipping tube, and an M69 practice grenade as well. Lol

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On 8/31/2023 at 10:43 PM, FTLewisBrat said:

Scott- What's the current value on the MK1Training Grenades?  I feel like I don't see alot if them for sale any more.



I was able to purchase this one for $70. I really liked the red paint on it and was willing to pay up a bit.




I think the red looks nice with my practice grenade collection so far. Added the M69 since the last pic.




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