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Barnes and Belmonte WWI books now available on Kindle also


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Pete Belmonte and I are pleased to announce that our two latest WWI history books “United States Army Depot Brigades in WWI” and “Bullets, Bandages and Beans: US Army Logistics in France in WWI” are now also available in Kindle versions.     Kindle and Hard copy are available directly from McFarland Publishing or on Amazon.


Our previous two books: ”Forgotten Soldiers of WWI: America’s Immigrant Doughboys” and “Play Ball!: Doughboys and Baseball during the Great War” are still available from Schiffer Publishing or on Amazon.


If you are interested in a signed copy with a USMF member discount, please pm me or Pete.







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I love your last opus...


DAYS OF PERFECT HELL October-November 1918

Bois De Moncy & Hill 263 , Exermontin the Argonne


The herehunder Springfield 1903 is one of the witness of these days ... probably a 1st Engineer one.

Found  in a fox hole on hill 263 together with a fork stamped for that regiment


AM454-01     Hill 263     302.2 - 282.6     4-4-19.jpg

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