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HELLO ALL, I FOUND THIS ON A DEALER SITE AND THOUGHT TO SHARE SOME OF THE PICTURES. THERE ARE APX. 100 IN THE ALBUM. A LOT OF FAMILY PICTURES. I DO NOT SEE HOW IT ENDED UP AT A DEALER'S ON THE EAST COAST. MAYBE IT CAN FIND IT'S WAY BACK HOME SOMEHOW. I LIKE ALL THE PICTURES. THIS IS DEFINITELY HISTORICAL.  TIME SPAN IS   NOV. 45 TO 1966 SOME TIME.  THE LANDSCAPE (5)IS GIBRALTAR, DD834 ALONGSIDE LEYTE AND THE LAST ONE  IS CLASSIC TO BOB DYLAN'S SONG  "....LEOPARD SKIN PILLBOX HAT" ENJOYIMG_2153.JPG.d9e7e7bc0953252ceb663fe2ccf41d79.JPGIMG_2154.JPG.65f2a4b429375a0c27238d8bcaf9f64e.JPGIMG_2155.JPG.734ec55cf9007bf2b3d6e4de6c7e8db3.JPGIMG_2156.JPG.429595fdeda2b8ba0f74a2cd3fd4455c.JPGIMG_2157.JPG.59241da6bc79e0525d144908daff4b4e.JPGIMG_2158.JPG.a022a8f0688d9478d7378863360d5d99.JPGIMG_2159.JPG.0f36ef8d417e4f020419ee5b09cffd84.JPGIMG_2160.JPG.9ddbb5ed6dde7ec4ec0fdd2ee5e586db.JPGIMG_2161.JPG.b0e733c6a0a66feb9a8dc2a8e6d2619b.JPGIMG_2162.JPG.ad8536f170ff5645472d0bc78a21670c.JPGIMG_2163.JPG.7fa4f6b9f465a82ad1dfbbd6f2ce83a7.JPGIMG_2164.JPG.c623b04a1e4744eec96bc2757488dffa.JPGIMG_2165.JPG.11527b70376e0341bb8eab63b2b60f62.JPGIMG_2166.JPG.d9af48c9d7c39df356c57f5801583133.JPGIMG_2167.JPG.a2591ca64dbead6f9319ab30454c2b06.JPGIMG_2168.JPG.54f7d6814ee0b43320ab90caeb15fbe8.JPGIMG_2171.JPG.a2971fe7575647dd55fdae0ee6a9aa36.JPG

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