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Duck Surgery With a WWII Hand Saw (OK, it's a Plastic Duck)


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I picked up a few plastic decoy ducks to use as lawn ornaments, but one of them had a keel on the bottom that I needed to remove.  So I pulled out my trusty 1942  Disston D42 hand saw and cut the keel off. I have to admit, it was the funniest use of a hand saw that I can remember doing.  The Disston D42 is a wartime production hand saw that differs from the pre-war product by having the cool V for Victory blade etching and substituting steel for the regular brass for the handle medallions.  I bought the ducks at a flea market for $5 and the saw at a garage sale for $3.  Best deals ever!   I couldn't resist adding a pic of our dear pup Gunji.  I tried getting him to pose with the ducks but he wasn't down with it.  Anyway, I hope this post quacks you up.  


Duck surgery.jpeg




Saw V.jpg

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