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Original CW/Early Colt Combustible Envelope Cartridges, Help Identifying the Caliber??

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I picked up this sealed early colt cartridge packet a few months ago. I can't figure out what caliber of pistol they are for from the box label. I think they're .44 caliber but could be .36. Other manufacturers of these small 5 or 6 cartridge packets often identified the caliber on the box label, e.g., 44/100 or 36/100. I know they're for a 1860 colt and other revolving pistols.


This colt cartridge packet would be a fantastic addition to high condition cased Colt revolver or simply to display with one of the guns, or even to add to a cartridge collection. The small box is very attractive with a crisp label that looks great but It would be nice to know what caliber of early revolving pistol this cartridge packet for?


Thanks for your assistance!





colt 1.jpg

colt 3.jpg

colt 6.jpg

colt 7.jpg

colt 4.jpg

colt 5.jpg

colt 9.jpg

colt 8.jpg

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Well 6 across of .36 would be 2 3/16 inches and a 1/16 spacer between each round plus another 2 for the sides would get you to 2 5/8. 


I mention .36, because the term Colt Navy and Colt Army are collector terms.  Colt at the time called the .36 Navy the "Belt Revolver" which is also marked on your box.


This is of course an educated guess.




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Thanks Woodymyster for your response and information. The width the box is 2 10/16 or 2 5/8 inches, so that means these cartridges are .36 caliber.



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