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USCG 1896-1928 Boatswains Mate 1st C George M. Emerson Ephemra


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This is a repost. I screened everything this time. This was a father/son ephemra grouping I picked up some time ago. The son was USN 1918-19 and a retread WW2 a Navy Commander. I'm just going to post thepics, they speak for themselves. 

2023-07-31_224658 (2).jpg

2023-07-31_225143 (2).jpg

2023-07-31_225459 (2).jpg

2023-07-31_225559 (2).jpg

2023-07-31_225846 (2).jpg

2023-07-31_230359 (2).jpg

Document_2023-07-31_230040 (2).jpg

Document_2023-07-31_230132 (2).jpg

Document_2023-07-31_230635 (2).jpg

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26 minutes ago, P-59A said:

Photo_2023-07-31_224350 (2).jpg

Photo_2023-07-31_224350 (3).jpg

Photo_2023-07-31_235321 (2).jpg

Photo_2023-07-31_235321 (3).jpg

Photo_2023-07-31_235728 (2).jpg

Good Grief! I am showing my age here! Back in the old days I would have "screened" the photo's for reprint. I actually scanned them. Derrrrrr!

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