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Civil War Era Sword British Import 1827

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What are your thoughts on this sword?


  • 1827 pattern rifle officer sword
  • I know swords were imported on both sides
  • All the swords I find of this pattern do not exhibit the scabbard that I have
  • The scabbard looks like it was Americanized for the war?
  • The blade is German approved by the British.
  • I showed a CW collector who thought there was an image of an South Carolina soldier holding a sword nearly identical to this one, who knows?


Thank you












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I know I like it. As you probably know, the ones used in the Civil War usually had blades etched with US and an eagle and had US and an eagle cut into the guard. The ones marked like yours were usually used by the Brits and Canadians but I imagine some found there way to Civil War soldiers. Often they had "Iron Proof" etched on the spine of the blade.

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Why would  a Union or CSA officer wear a  British sword? 
Nothing to suggest it is American Civil War  used.   Not so sure the punched-in stars have any significance.

Civil War used imports I have seen are either totally plain/generic or have a US or eagle incorporated into the hilt or blade design.  

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It appears that early in the war some retailers both North and South imported some of the British hilted swords, as you find a few with either Union and Confederate etching. Here are a few photos of mine with Union patriotic designs. I think the hilts with the cut out iron eagle and US are likely a bit later in the war. But if your British hilted sword doesn't have etching identifying it to Union or Confederate use, then you can't prove any American Civil War use.




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