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Col. Jacob J Brogger's ring.


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 I acquired this ring that has Col. J.J. Brogger (and service information) inscribed onto it. It reads: Col. J.J. Brogger - 446 - E.T.O. - 43-4. It was made from a British coin...a (tested sterling silver) 1914 George V florin 2 pence coin.

When I google Col. JJ Blogger, I get a lot of great info on him. He led the air assault (8th AF 446th BG) over the invasion coast on D-Day to bomb German fortifications there. He also led the low-level supply mission code named 'Market Garden' to the paratroopers of the 1st Allied Airborne Army at Nijmegen. He was hit by flak on this mission, and was returned to the states for recuperation.

My question is: I can't find any information on his Silver Star award or his (multiple?) purple heart awards. I searched the few resources I know of, but could not find anything. I know he won the Silver Star and at least 1 purple heart award...it's carved into his headstone at Arlington!

Any information on his awards, his service to our country (and his missions), and this ring of his would be very helpful!



ww2 col jj blogger ring 1.jpg

ww2 col jj blogger ring 2.jpg

ww2 col jj blogger ring 3.jpg

ww2 col jj blogger ring 4.jpg

ww2 col jj blogger ring 5.jpg

ww2 col jj blogger with jr officers 446th bg.JPG

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