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M7 Auxiliary Cartridge Question


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It has taken a while but I have finally been able to add several 5 round packets of M7 Auxiliary Grenade cartridges to my collection. They are different styles of carton, but in both cases the outer carton is unmarked. I found a photo of a Lake City produced spam can assortment of grenade cartridges that show the unmarked M7 packets. However, at one point I also received a photo from a fellow collector that showed an M7 packet with a Frankford Arsenal printed label. 


My question to the ordnance collectors reading this concerns that Frankford-marked packet. Do any of you have a sample, or photo, of that packet that you would be willing to post here? I am hoping to add a clear close-up of that printed label to my archives. Web searches for that packet have proven fruitless.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

M7 Aux 4.jpg

M7 Aux-1.jpg

Rifle Grenade Assortment.jpg

WWII Rifle Grenade Asst.jpg

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They also came in 5 and 10 round packs similar to the wrapped M6 package shown in your middle photo with markings on the outer wrap.  I’m not sure if I have any boxes that are marked directly on the box like the one pictured. I haven’t looked at those boxes in a while and I won’t visit the storage location until fall.  Regards, m27 box 😉

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On 7/11/2023 at 1:38 PM, silverplate said:

Thanks. I appreciate the effort.


Here's a photo I found of that 10 round packet of M3 blanks you mentioned.

M3 Grenade Blanks.JPG

That was an unusual box in that it was originally an early 11 round box that was used for 10 rounds. Do you know if it was the size of 11 round box or a 10 round box and FA was just using up the labels they had made? I have 11 round boxes of M3 but they are the early style label prior to this label (42). Actually I was talking about the 5 and 10 round packets of M7 cartridges.  The 10 round pack of m7 cartridges is evidently rare, when I showed it to Bill Ricca he said it was the only one he had seen. Regards. 

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Many thanks to bbmilitaria and Inertord for posting those photos. They are a welcome addition to my photo archives.


Inertord, do you know if there is any printing anywhere on that inner cardboard box?


ccyooper, all of the M7 boxes I've seen are 5 round. The two in my collection are different types of boxes, but still only 5 round.

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Roger that, I don’t recall if it is one box or two enclosed. I’ll have to check later.  Are you still producing the high insert cardboards for enblocs? 

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Question- I have a similar packet marked: 6 cartridges                                Was the M6 similar to the M7?    Thanks

                                                                   GRENADE CARBINE 

                                                                   CAL. .30 M6

                                                                   AMMUNITION LOT LC 12151

                                                                   L C ORDNANCE PLANT


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Not really similar, as the Cal. 30 M6 grenade cartridge fits in the actual M1 carbine, whereas the M7 auxilliary cartridge did not fit in any actual weapon, but was used with the grenade and launcher to add additional impulse or power when launching the grenade.  While the M6 is a complete cartridge, i.e. primed, the M7 has no primer and is initiated by the actual grenade cartridge fired in the rifle.  The M7 is an "auxilliary" cartridge, and the M6--while the term is not used--would be considered a "primary" cartridge.  Hope this helps.

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