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Has anyone seen the J. Howard Wert collection?

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Private collector owns the collection now. I was browsing a book that was written about my 2xGG 26th Emergency PA Inf. and well I'll be, a never seen before photo of my 2x GG was in the book. I contacted the author where he got the photo and he said it was a private collection. The collection is J. Clinton Hill memorial collection inside the J. Wert Gettysburg Collection. Don't know if he is well known collector or anything about it really. I emailed the author of the 26th PA book, he gave me the current owners email. Email address is no longer in use. Couldn't find an newer email to ask if he had any displays or anything he could email me photos off. I contacted an author of a book co-written by the current owner of the collection seeing if he could pass on the message. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about it. This book I ordered recently, hasn't arrived, hope some of the things I hope he can show me are in this book. I truly have no clue what he has. I know my GG picked up a rifle from the battlefield. It was stolen at my great aunts home in San Diego mid century by a painter painting her home, allegedly. Will report back my findings.



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