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Irish Brigade Corps Badge - WIA Gettysburg

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John Fushi

The newest piece in my Civil War collection might be my all-time favorite. I'm pretty sure this was shown in a collection a few years ago but I can not find it, so here it goes.


James Quigley would enlist with 3-year papers on 9/6/1861 in New York City as a private in the 69th NY. James would participate in the Peninsula campaign, The bloody lane of Antietam, The Stonewall of Fredricksburg, and Chancellorsville without a scratch. He would be promoted on 5/1/63 to Sergt. April 10th, 1863 is when James Quigley refused to go on picket Duty and subsequently would be Court Marshaled, He was busted down to PVT. Then to my surprise, he would be promoted to Sergt. again on 5/29/1863. Gettysburg would be where his wounding would happen, In the wheatfield on July 2nd, 1863. He would enter the Hospital System and eventually be discharged in early 1864.  










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Beautiful piece, and interesting orientation of the badge. I had always seen it positioned 180° around.

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