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Another “what is this pin” post

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This one was sold as part of a grouping on a legit website (not eBay, one listed in the right sidebar here, and matches one I posted a couple days ago.  This one has a bar back though, while the other has a clutch back.  The part of the description pertaining to this pin reads, “The group further includes Ms. Kupferberg’s WASP wings, which are 2-5/8 inches wide, pin back, and marked “Sterling”.”  All the original lozenge pins issued in 1944 don’t match this, of course.  But the reunion wings I’ve seen are the full 2 3/4”.  So what might this be?



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With the soft rounded edges overall and the smaller size i would say a cast copy of a graduation wing. Time period made unknown.

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Looking at the picture, the locking wheel looks somewhat old, as that is not the more modern style. Aside from that . . . it sure needs a clean! That black tarnish is a shame!

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