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Relic ID help?

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These are from my dad's collection and he didn't have any information on these. I'm pretty sure the second from the left is part of a fuse and then the last round item is a plug for a fuse or shell. The item third from the left looks and feels like lead. If anyone could help ID'ing these it would be a big help!








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Hey there. I agree that the second item from the left is a part of a shell fuze. The far right circular piece could be a shell plug but I’m not sure. The other items are interesting but sadly I have no idea. Good luck trying to figure it out. You should post these on one of the Civil War relic forums on FB if someone doesn’t recognize them in here.


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the fuze piece is for a Schenkl  shell.  Top is blown off.  The top would have had the 1861 patent date, etc.   The item on the far right looks similar to what is sometimes called a 'garmet weight' or 'curtain weight'.  I have also seen these called 'dress weights'.  The idea is to keep the clothing, curtains, dress, etc down, smooth and straight. That is my guess. 


The lead item looks like someone was bored and carved on some lead.  I collect dug Civil War carved lead and to me that is what it looks like.  Maybe someone once saw a dinosaur tooth and is replicating that.  Or it could be just non-sensical.  I do not know what the first item is and I am pretty familiar with Civil War artifacts.  It is something I have not seen before.


Hope this helps.  Cheers!

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Thanks for the input! I also thought that blobby lead object looks like someone was trying to make a tooth or horn.

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4th Miss Cav

The third one looks to me, opinion only, like a minie ball that has had lead poured on it from the cavity side down. I have found some odd relics through the years and it never ceased to amaze me at their ingenuity. 

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