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Father son grouping: father WWI/WW2 USN:son WW2 USN, KW Bar USMC


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A friend pointed me toward this large father son group.  


The father was a during the 1st Nicaraguan incursion, WWI/WW2 USN ssiler in the ETO. There is a wonderfully inscribed USN good conduct medal and numbered USN 1st nicaraguan medal.  There is also his very large photo album. Unfortuantly many of the pictures are loose out and out of order. There are lots of picures of ships, shore batteries, and dry docks....


The son was in PTO with the USN and the 1st Marines in the Korean conflict.  There are lots of trickets and a wonderful photo album. At the back of the album are many pictices of communist korean casualities that I will not show. He has a purple heart and read he was injured and being tsken away on a litter through a nine field, was droppes and rolled over a number of mines that did not go off. He was in Korea 1950 to 1952.  


Lots of papers tobread in the group and research to do. 


There names are in the pictures. Your insights welcome. 












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Never know what posting will draw viewers to a thread. I very much enjoy collecting groupings and even more so father son groupings. They make really draw the audiance in at my public presentations. Of course at that point, the research done helps bring the story alive. 


Would love to hear of others interesting father son groupings. 





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On 7/23/2023 at 4:46 AM, ATMissileman0352 said:

Was the son a Corpsman?

Hi, sorry i missed your post. He was in the usmc and  may have been a corpsman but i missed the signs. I believe he was bar gunner at one time  based on the photo. 


Are their items, or something you found, that may indicate he was a corpsman?




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