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A-2 Aero Jacket - Authentic?


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Hi, All! I was asked for some help on figuring out if this A2 jacket is authentic or not, and I am posting here for any and all thoughts or comments as to authenticity or anything about it! (Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts!) Here is the info I have about it -




I was gifted an A-2 Aero jacket.  Since I did not have anything to do with the selection I was intrigued by what I found.  I know that Aero was one of the original creators/manufacturers, but I have some curiosity as to the originality of the jacket.  Here is what I can give to a would be detective/sleuth:  

Type A-2
OWG. NO. 30-1415
A.C. ORDER NO. 40-3785-I or P-stitching make it hard to read
Beacon, NY

Has a name plate that I have not been able to track E.J. Cichon.  It is on top of a 227th Combat Cargo Carrier Group Patch.  Have gone to that site, but not very helpful for the items I'm looking for.

The waist band and cuff are not the red coloration, which it is not that big of a concern, they are both a deep brown.  Lining looks original.

I know that this company was taken over by a Scottish firm, however, this was a gift, and I would like to have any information that would rest my mind as to authentic or reproduction.  It was reported to be an original, but these little issues have made me suspect.


 As said, the jacket was gifted to me, I do not want to sell, I just would appreciate any information, primarily on its authenticity versus viewed as a reproduction. It was posted as an original, but I know enough about these jackets to have questions.


  I look forward to any information you might be able to glean from the photos.


And a lot of pics!














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Real and real nice, condition wise.  


This is your guy, the 2nd Cargo Squadron (later the 327th Troop Carrier Squadron) was a part of the 1st CCG in the CBI. 


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Yes, authentic as Austin said and a nice example. Aero did roll out A2’s with a berry colored knit, but not all. Your knits look original to me and I don't think replaced. You can check the stitching line closely just to make certain, but again, I think they are original. Please, please, please remove your jacket from the hanger and store it flat. I know it takes up more space, but hangers are real bad for these old antique jackets. A coat form would be best. Congratulations on a very nice gift. 

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100% genuine from a Dec. 1939 contract totaling 3, 500 units, and size 44 represented about 1% of production, so a rare A-2 to come by.  It has been re-dyed, so that hurts value a bit, and this seems to not have been done during the war, but quality photos would be needed for a better assessment.


The notable reddish knit found on some Aero A-2’s did not show up until the latter part of their 21996 contract of 1941, and it continued to be seen on the 15142 contract and some jackets in the 18775 contract.  

Aero of Scotland has absolutely zero to do with the original Air Corps contractor that produced this A-2, nor does Avirex of NYC, as they used to say in their catalogs of the 1980’s.


This is a good A-2 in a rare size from a rare contract with all-original parts (love the 1930’s Talon zipper), and with combat insignia and history, and only the absence of the original finish lowers value.  Nice going!

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