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Military Insignia Manufacturers authorized as of 1943 War Production Board discussion


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As part of the US Congressional record, discussing the 1944 Senate Appropriations bill, an detailed discussion was had between senators questioning a Captain Best about how insignia was authorized, which companies were allowed to make it and who was allowed to sell it.

You can read and review the entire document here: https://www.google.com/books/edition/Hearings/hxy0j-s1-EkC?hl=en&gbpv=1


Attached are pages that are pertinent to the list of manufacturers authorized. Some very interesting facts.

- 90% of all insignia are actually manufactured by 5 "big outfits": American Emblem Co, American Metal Crafts (AMCRAFT), LG Balfour, Ostby and Barton, and Robbins Co.

- The major portion of the business is handled by 5 big dealers (distributors/jobbers) who sell wholesale to retailers: Hillborn-Hamburger, Gemsco Inc, Vanguard Military Equipment Inc, G. Hirsch & Sons and W. S. Meyers (likely a typo of N. S. Meyers).


In addition, there are other small outfits approved to manufacture but are all tiny compared to the "Big 5" above. See the list in the attached pages. 





Insignia Hearings page 537.png

Insignia Hearings page 538.png

Insignia Hearlings page 539.png

Insignia Hearlings page 540.png

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The discussion goes on to discuss what are authorized outlets to sell US Navy insignia and uniforms as of 1943. They indicate there are 600 organized by Naval District, where there had only been 150 at the start of 1942.

Insignia Hearlings page 541.png

Insignia Hearlings page 542.png

Insignia Hearlings page 543.png

Insignia Hearlings page 544.png

Insignia Hearlings page 545.png

Insignia Hearlings page 546.png

Insignia Hearlings page 547.png

Insignia Hearlings page 548.png

Insignia Hearlings page 549.png

Insignia Hearlings page 550.png

Insignia Hearlings page 551.png

Insignia Hearlings page 552.png

Insignia Hearlings page 553.png

Insignia Hearlings page 554.png

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