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Hi! I’m a member of the MDHCA (mdhca.org) located on Route 66 in Goffs, CA. We’re thinking of holding a 2 or 3 day weekend Military get together and since I’m a WWII buff, I volunteered to work on first gauging interest in an event like this. Since Goffs is deep in Desert Training Center territory, it’s the perfect place to hold an event like this. We're hoping to get multiple clubs to attend. Bring your military vehicle and any other items you wish.

Activities could include touring a Divisional Camp and its firing ranges or hiking up a local hill where soldiers scratched their names on the rocks (a bit strenuous). Mining displays on the museum grounds including an operating 2 and 10 stamp mill. There’s also Mitchell Caverns, Amboy Crater and Laughlin! Evening events could be presentations (by you or us) and WWII movies. There could also be trips to local mines and other points of interest.

For accommodations, it would be dry camping, but there’s restrooms and a few showers located within the museum property. Hotels and motels are available in Laughlin and Needles. Evening meals could be supplied by the museum or clubs could host dinner meals. Maybe a potluck.

All these are just ideas we have. What would YOU like to see happen? What questions do you have? We’re open to suggestions.

Thanks for your input.

Rick Jackson

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