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Hi, new here. I recently found the Britains lead soldiers that were passed to me from my father and me to my son. Cleaned them up and have finally displayed them. I have found an awesome company that casts every Last repair part I need to fix the broken ones. What I need help with is a great book on identifying Britains solders. I have identified a handful but have many more. Any help with the right book is appreciated. I have no problem spending money on a book I just want the best one I can get. 

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Proud Kraut

Hi FESTUS and welcome to the USMF. We have a couple of topics dealing with Britains lead soldiers in our TOYS & GAMES section. I will move your topic there where it will draw more attention.

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The Collectors All Colour Guide to Toy Soldiers by Andrew Rose, Tiger Books International, 1989, covers Britains and many other toy soldier manufacturers. Not as extensive as the ones above, but I have found it useful.

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