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US Navy Paper Weight

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I'm not real smart about these things, but I think it's post WW2, maybe early 50s. I say this because if I'm correct the Navy was called "the Navy Department" until Truman merged the War Department and Navy Department into the Department of Defense in 1947. This is also when the "Department of the Air Force" was created.


Most of the things I've seen that are WW2 or before usually refer to the Navy as "the Navy Department" and the things I've seen after that refer to the Navy as "The Department of the Navy".


As to a poorly drawn image on the paperweight, I've seen quite a few low grade images over the years. If it was sold as a token souvenir it could have been sold anywhere in the world not just on a Navy Base. Much the same way now you can find a million items for the military sold on the net, wally world, etc that are not "official".


Just my 2 cents worth... of course with the ecconomy they way it is right now, that may be my "1/16th of a cent worth".



Jon B

Newaygo Mi

Always looking for information on the USMC from 1916 - 1920, exp the 11th Company in Haiti and in WW1, 4th 5th, HQ Company.

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