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2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, 1977-78

This One Time...

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This One Time...

One of my favorite kits I've been working on: a dismounted member of 2/11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, seen here with an AN/PRC-77 radio and full foot patrol load.


A few notes, for those who would like them...

- The around-the-neck sleeping bag might seem a bit stupid, but it's taken straight from a 1976 photo of 2nd ACR troops on foot patrol. It's a different regiment, but it works, especially with how bulky the Mountain Sleeping Bag is and how the other carry options either aren't available (loops on suspenders) or limit your mobility in other ways (the "correct" way, per FM 21-15, of slinging it under the ruck).

- All equipment is original except for the rifle, beret, and the blousing bands holding various things together. Binoculars and stool (those shiny tubes on the ruck) are both period-correct, but are private-purchase items.

- Equipment you don't see: An M65 field jacket and OG-507 hot weather cap are stuffed in the ruck, along with the PRC-77 and a wool blanket for more bulk. An M7 bayonet is under one of the outer ruck pockets.



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