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Unknown Toy Plastic Motor Torpedo Boat


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Hey guys,


I found this at a flea market some years ago.  I remembered it as a kid as part of a playset.  The playset had two islands, two armies of troops, two subs, two of these, two destroyers and two cruisers IIRC.  The ships were gray for one side and blue for the other.  I got this playset probably around 1978 or so.  Does anybody remember these?  Any information on it?  Thanks!!




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No markings whatsoever.   I have no clue where it came from.   I just remember playing with the playset.  The two islands were vacuform and the soldiers were 1/72 scale.  I remember that the subs fired a torpedo, the same one that was carried on the motor torpedo boat.

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sounds like something I saw as a kid in the 60s

"vacuform" - that's a term I have not heard in decades.  You could buy vacuform kits back then.




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I found some toy soldiers at the local flea market today that look exactly like what I remember the playset had.  They are the correct colors and scale.  I hope that this might jog some memories. 




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Might be marx toys I had a playset but not like this. It was a land mass, two opposing armies. Tanks, artillery pieces, jeeps, etc,etc.  it was huge when I was a kid but now probably not. Lol but the graphics were great on the fold out scene 

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Not Marx for sure. I kinda remember seeing this when you mentioned the islands, maybe a bit earlier though. I was 17 in 1978 so my interest would have been for dioramas vs play. I did a lot of 1/72 dioramas back then!



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Might have to look through some of the old comic books from the 70's (Sgt Rock, Haunted Tank, Fightin Army, etc.)  I remember seeing some of those playsets on the back page and throughout the books. Maybe the comics will have images of the sets.



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