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Now We Know His Name USS SARATOGA (CV-3)


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Like most we seen this photo in various books forever, just found out the name and circumstance of this, 


Aviation Ordnance Man Kenneth Bratton.



"With a kneecap blown off and shrapnel in his back, Bratton grabbed a first aid kit, tied a tourniquet to his leg .... "

AOM Kenneth Bratton USNR is pulled out of the gun turret of Air Group Commander Henry H. Caldwell's Avenger torpedo bomber by Lt Julius 'Julie' Bescos, after a raid on Rabaul, 5 November 1943.

Photographer's Mate 1st Class Paul Barnett from Texas, died of wounds on the flight, he had stood in for the photographer of this image, Lt Wayne Miller.

Sports fans may know "Julie" Bescos as the eight-time USC letterman and coach who also scored on-screen time as Clark Gable's stunt double in the 1935 film version of "Mutiny on the Bounty." (he died in 2009 aged 97)

airman  November 5.jpg

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I found some information on Kenneth Bratton. 

“More information: Kenneth C. Bratton – Mississippi (WWII vet). He was born in Pontotoc, MS, December 17, 1918. He passed away April 15, 1982. Lt. Bratton won a purple heart for his bravery during the attack on Rabaul November 11, 1943.”


Find a grave info:






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It's not Kenneth C Bratton, It is just Kenneth Bratton.  Was in Torpedo Squadron 12. Looks like he was discharged 1 Dec 1944.



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Looks like he spent his life in the lumber business.  From Clarion-Ledger (Jackson Mississippi) 28 Apr 1955, Thu · Page 5




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