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Nike Missile Site preserved in Florida

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On another topic we started discussing some of the Nike Missile sites that can still be found around the county (if you know where to look).


This article is about one that has been preserved over time in the middle of the Everglades National Park that is open for tours:


"With a $10 Everglades admission fee and a phone call to park officials, tourists can join the hour-long driving tour of the Nike site, which was included on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004. Although the missiles were dismantled and removed, visitors can see the site's administration building, the tiny missile assembly shed, the missile barns and protective berms. Tours continue through March, during the park's peak season."


We've had other postings about the fully restored site that is just outside of San Francisco. The Florida site sound like it will take years to get to that level of restoration, but at least it hasn't been bulldozed over for condos.

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Thanks for posting that. Thank God for mosquitoes, or your are right; they would have built some #@%& condos there.

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My Dad and I were looking to buy the Nike site that is in Roberts Wisconsin.

At the time the owner was asking $125,000 but that didnt include the missile site. bummer.

We didnt buy it but it was very cool wandering around the base.

Im pretty sure its still there.



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Great post. I can remember the ones around my home as a kid protecting NYC and Philly. Whats really interesting is the amount of money spent by uncle on facilities and then vacated. When I was a MMIII crew member in Cheyenne I had the opportunity to wonder around the old Atlas sites. It was really neat.

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There is a large hill near my home that has long been known as Nike Hill, although it never did become an active missile base. But it is said to have quite the underground complex. It currently houses an assortment of government shops ranging from Army Reserves to FEMA. There have been rumors that some of the lowest levels have long been abandoned but contain old uniforms and equipment that nobody has bothered to remove. Alas there is also a significant communications array above ground which probably explains why there is little chance of my getting to confirm or deny those rumors despite my friendship with an Army Major stationed there.

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There's an abandoned Nike site just up the road from me in Alvarado, Texas. Has anyone ever gone to this site? How much is still visible and is it accessable?



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There use to be good one in Cromwell, CT


Nike control site HA-48


Most of the buildings were still there back in 2011


Mess hall, headquarters, barracks, power station as well as the control building and hard stands for radar arrays.


Since then I think they've demolished it to make way for condos


The actual launch site was about 2 miles up the road in Middletown CT. When they got rid of the Nikes it was an armory for the 1205th railway operating battalion. It has been inactivated since 2006 and now sits abandoned.

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