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Military special dinner photos? Also who does this young chap look like?


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Hi everyone. 


Recently came in procession of a lot of old military photos, unfortunately with no names attached. 


Most of the photos were from what appears to be Camp Upton around 1917-1919. These three in particular seem to be a special lunch or dinner of some sort? 


There is one famous actor look a like in one of the photos, can you find him? :P



0025b (2).jpg

0025a (1).jpg

0025c (2).jpg

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5 hours ago, otter42 said:

I think he looks like Charlie Chaplin,  even has kinda the stance.


This is who I was thinking as well. You can see in the windows some people wearing all white, so was wondering if these were injured soldiers. Apparently Chaplin toured the US trying to help sell bonds in 1918, and that his films were medicine to the injured soldiers as they displayed them on the ceilings to help their morale. 


Probably no way to confirm and is just a look a like, but was interesting looking around and seeing him pop up lol. 


5 hours ago, iron bender said:

Dennis Quaid from the Long Riders most forward with civilian suit and derby hat?

....and great pics. Thanks for posting


Checked out the film and looks like Dennis as well! I'll post another thread with a bunch of more photos. A lot of them are camp life: cleaning clothes, inspections, but some look to be from overseas as well. 

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