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Current Projects USAF & ANG HGU-55


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I usually am just lurking, but hoping to post more going forward.  


Here are a couple of my current projects,  first is a HGU-55 that I am planning on displaying as FB-111A used circa late 80's.  It is pretty much complete needing a power cable for the PLTZ goggles and also the mask needs to have it's hardshell replaced.  I was happy with this find and is the second SAC HGU-55 in my collection. 


And the second is a shell I have had probably from the late 80's, when put back together ( needs a lot of the internals ) will be as worn by A-10 pilot from the 104th TFG MA ANG.  That is where I got this from back those years ago. 










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Excellent projects.. the dual visor is killer…


and the A-10 helmet will be a good frame off restoration… 

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If you want to spruce up the large visor washers. They are "#8 Tinnerman washers". any aircraft hardware outlet should have them.

Both look like great projects.

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This PLZT -55/P is a killer, it reminds me a lot of my example with its painted bayonet receivers (for which I had to grab a mask power cord as well - here you can find one), cool projects !


Also, thanks Bob for the washers' nomenclature.

I knew these were aeronautical for sure, but was never been able to find their exact denomination (and size) to order them.

A French forum member that works in the flight hardware range had sent me some similar-looking countersunk washers for my B-52 helmet's PRU-36/P restoration, but they actually ended up a little too wide.

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A side note to my post here I just learned that Tom S (mohawkalse) passed away last month, is very sad and unfortunate to hear. 🙁 


I was hoping to share and show these projects to him. 

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Thank to you all for the responses ! 


Was able to order the power cord from Flighthelmets as you said VARK07 ! Thank you , hopefully it will arrive this week ... Also a replacement 5P hardshell as well. 


Unfortunately they were all out of the o2 mask com cord keepers so I will be on the look out for those.  




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