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WWI Authentic Blouse with Overseas Cap and Helmet


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I have attached some photos of the original blouse, overseas cap and helmet my grandfather wore during his service in the First World War. I have also included pictures of some his bring back items from the war. The blouse has a label in the back that reads Keschbaum Clothes. At one point it was easier to read. 
My grandfathers name was Lemon Letcher Hosey (he hated the name Lemon) and served as a private in the 313th Field Artillery Regiment, Battery C of the 80th Division. He enlisted in September of 1917. In May of 1918 he became part of the AEF (American Expeditionary Force). He took part in the September 1918 St. Mihiel and Meuse Argonne offensives. On October 31 he was wounded by enemy shell fire. These items were given to me by him before his passing. The rifle and machine gun rounds were picked up by him on the battlefield. The small white stones were gathered from a beach at Nice France. I’m sure the small brass trench art was also part of this group but I have no idea who made it. The only thing grandpa ever told me about his experiences was that older German machine gunners were tougher than younger ones. It was years before I understood what he meant. He wouldn’t talk about his experiences. When I learned that he had been wounded, something that he had never disclosed to his grandchildren, I asked him about a prominent scar that he had on his left cheek. He told me that he had fallen into a stove and I never pressed him further, even though I doubted his story. Years later my father confirmed that I was right. Years later I learned from a family member that he had been trapped behind German lines while wounded for several days. When my time as keeper of his trophies comes to an end one of my sons has said that he wants to take up the cause. In that way my grandfather will not be forgotten. 57555E1B-F515-4125-A70B-D302937092A6.jpeg.4bdabdbdb4442ce99aa3bc0e829012ba.jpeg79D5582F-308E-4EA2-9649-36019C20A1C5.jpeg.c4c986a4edde172296cfe0462ffd5c85.jpeg



















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Great stuff, absolute treasure as manayunkman said.

If you haven't seen, They Shall Not Grow Old, a 2018 documentary film directed and produced by Peter Jackson, I highly recommend it. While British films, it will show you what your Grandfather didn't want to remember and share.

Thanks for posting these items for us to see and the history of your grandfather.



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I saw the film. I was an adult quite a while before it dawned on me what happened to the older German machine gunner’s that he faced. Thanks all. 

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