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1970s 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment Photos.


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I was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas from 1985 – 87 in HHT 1st Squadron / 3rd ACR as a 45N20, Tank Turret Mechanic working on M60A1’s. I worked on the Service line where Annual Services were performed on the M60’s. We did 4 tanks per week where I did Technical Inspections and repairs on the turret. An annual inspection and Service entailed a lot of hours and teamwork with tank crews, organizational (20) level and third shop (30) level mechanics working together to pull off this service. Engine packs were pulled out of the tanks and split from their transmissions. “Ground Hopped”, leaky Seals replaced, Road wheel, drive sprockets and tracks replaced if worn out, engine hulls cleaned out and wire harnesses inspected and repaired. The list goes on and on. Before I left the 3rd ACR, the last M60 I worked on was Delta troop’s D66 with the oldest serial number in the Regiment, Serial number 0203. I had to repair a bunch of stuff and replace the Turret Control Box. The M60A1’s were slated to be turned in and M1 Abrams Tanks issued to the 3rd ACR. I took the Manufacturer ID plate off the engine grill door and kept the Turret control box as souvenirs because I knew I would never see an M60A1 Main Battle Tank ever again. The 3rd ACR had been the best unit and by far my favorite unit I ever served in. “Cav on the Warpath – who’s your Momma.”



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I was in Delta Company, '80-'82.

I was Gunner, then TC of D25.

I once gunned off of D65, a brand new M60A1 RISE Passive Blade tank.


The 3 Tank companies had VERY old "add on STAB" M60A1s.

We had one we had to turn in that the hull had cracked just behind the driver, about 1/8" wide, you could see the ground through it.


The Cav Troops had newer tanks, as they had only turned in their M551s a couple of years prior.


My avatar is me, as a PFC on D25, in 1980.

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