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Presidential Honor Guard Rifles and Bayonets

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Many of you, at least those in the USA, probably saw some of the extensive coverage of the recent funeral for former President Gerald Ford. I ran across the pic posted here and was struck by several things.


First, the various branches of the military all contributed members of their Honor Guards for this important series of historical ceremonies. Note the variety of rifles being carried here: the M1903 Springfield, the M-1 Garand and the M-14. Looks like the USCG has the Springfields, the Army has the M-14s, and the Navy, Marines and USAF have the Garands.


Second, note the variety of plated parade bayonets in use as well. The M-1 bayonet is carried on the Springfields and the USMC and USAF Garands. The Navy Garands appear to have M5/M5A1 bayonets while the M-14 rifles of the Army members have the M6 bayonet.


Third, it looks like the USAF and Army members are not carrying bayonet scabbards, while the others are.


While the authenticity of plated parade US bayonets in civilian hands is often questioned, the blades shown here are a pretty good bet to have not come out of Bob's Bumper and Plating Co. shop.



Charlie Flick




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