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Hello from France


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Hi everyone,


Thanks to accept me on your website


I’m French from Bordeaux and I am a new collector of American items. My collection is mainly based on French and Chinese militaria. I am interested in Korean war. To complete the outfits of the french battalion, I am looking for US items. Now, I start to collect US items about this conflict and I got my first Ike jacket from a US veteran whoes granddaughter send it to me.

A friend recommanded this forum to me and I’m very happy to read all your articles. I’m trying to learn about the broad subjects of US Army.


During my service in the Army, I had some interactives with US soldiers and they are good memories for me.


Nice to see you here 

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Hi  from ..... France .


Welcome in this very good forum , the Korean war is not very popular with French collectors , like the Vietnam war that i collect , but you are in the right place .

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Hello to all. I'm looking to learn new things I am a civilian but have a great appreciation for those that served in the service.

Pleasure to meet all of you 

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