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Family member on USS Neosho info request


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Hello everyone,

    I found out from my mom that my granddad had a brother that died during the Coral Sea battle on the USS Neosho. He actually made it off the ship but died in the lifeboat. All I know is that his name was William H. Webb, Gunners mate 3c.  I was wondering if anyone here can look up any more info on him? Was he with the Neosho during the Pearl Harbor attack? My grandfather never talked about him so I never new he existed until recently. I would love to know what medals he would have been awarded, etc. enlistment dates, etc. Maybe even a picture of him. Thank you for any help you can give. 


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Salvage Sailor

Aloha Kevin,


Yes, he was a member of the crew of the USS NEOSHO (AO-23) during the Pearl Harbor attack.


He was listed as 'missing in action' on the June 21st, 1942 USS NEOSHO roster after the Coral Sea battle.


Full Name:  Webb, William H

USN Service Number:  3822066

Rate:  GM3c

Enlisted:  28 MAY 1940 at Los Angeles

Missing in Action:  5-7-42


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Salvage Sailor

He's also noted on the Fort McKinley WWII memorial in the Philippines


Name:    William H Webb
Inducted From:    California
Rank:    Gunner's Mate Third Class
Combat Organization:    United States Navy
Death Date:    May 08 1943
Monument:    Fort William Mckinley, Manila, the Philippines
Last Known Status:    Missing
U.S. Awards:    Purple Heart Medal

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