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Some of the M3's I have accumulated.


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Trigger warning! This post is in contrast to the unissued, pristine examples of knives in many of the incredible collections here.


I have been picking up these "unloved" M3s up when I see them with a marked blade: I buy them in almost any condition. 

My codex is to buy as long as they're less than $200 "all in" and all "original" metal is present.

Originally I intended to trade for English knives, but that hasn't worked out, lol.


A few of these had no leather left at all, or wildly bent guards. I had a member here restore three of them (S. Sellers.)

Some came without sheaths, some in glorious leather M6's - most in M8's - I'll post pics with sheaths some time.

Really just a pic grouping, for fun, or a somewhat interesting comparison study - missing a  bunch of variants, and manufacturers Aerial and Robeson. They'll turn up at some point, this group is a by-product of collecting English knives.

There are two "scrubbed" blades in there, but I haven't included in CU's, which I should have as they are an interesting study, too.



My collection may include M3's in almost any condition but I choose to draw the line at reproductions, I wouldn't wear a fake Rolex and I choose not to have fake WW2 knives or sheaths in my collection, like car collecting I just prefer a restoration. Mainly because it throws the integrity of the rest of the collection off balance.


*Sorry about the "CUTKERY" spelling mistake, keynote won't let me fix it, lol - 













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