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5 WW2 US Army Airborne Bringing Back Japanese Swords


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These 5 swords (well 3 1/2 and a tanto) came from the estate of Colonel William T. Call of the 11th Airborne US Army. Sadly I don't know a lot about him and his service other than he was part of the occupation force's in Japan and obviously served in the PTO. He brought back a unbelievable pile of stuff from his time in the PTO. Mostly the type of stuff you would expect an officer to bring back, furniture, wall scrolls, pottery and the like. As for military bring backs he brought home the 5 swords you see here as well as an type 30 bayonet, a pair of Japanese binoculars and a couple of common western style dress swords which I had no interest in. The interesting thing about these is that out of the 5 only two are actually military. The one that is in pieces has a hanger added to it for military use during WW2 but would have otherwise been a late edo civilian sword. The other military sword is a Gunzoku sword for use by civilians in military service. As they where not technically military they didn't use swords as much and you don't see their swords as often. The Gunzoku had their own uniforms which where almost the same as the IJA uniforms and different insignia for rank and such. The one with the red sheath was originally a tachi that was shortened and mounted as a katana probably during the late edo period. The black one is a typical samurai katana. The blades in these two and the civilian sword that's been cut up are old. The Gunzoku has a WW2 production blade. The tanto is also WW2 era. it's a nice one and a common type bought by Japanese soldiers during the war, not one of the junk tourist ones made from cut down left over sword blades and sold to GI's. I've had these for a year or so but wanted to find more information about the vet first before I posted them. I haven't had much luck unfortunately.












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