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Uniform Button idea Used in Frame when displaying Soldier Medal's & Awards


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  Was putting together a Grouping I noticed things started to look like a shirt
and since the grouping came with a bunch of his Dress uniform buttons
I came up with this SIMPLE Display

Used a Floating Frame, they have two pains of glass and spacer to keep things
tight. I simply removed the second pain of glass replaced the spacer and used
Framing Matt Board and some felt to make the shirt and Pockets,

Came out rather well I think
You can see the process as I started with the Capt display first, No Pockets

This is a three frame grouping so its broken up into rank order
Lt, Commander, Capt,






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In case anyone dose not know what I mean by "Floating Picture Frame",
I will include some photos of the process to make a shirt display

4 ITEMS Needed

1 ea. Floating Frame
"Floating Frames" have 1 Frame, 2 Panes of glass and a Spacer.
These are normally used to place 1 Document BETWEEN the 2
clear Glass panes so it looks like its floating

1 ea. Frame Matt Board ( Used as Colored Background, Mounting Board & back of frame)

1 ea. Small White Felt sheet (Folded into shirt)

1 ea. Off White Felt Sheet (cut out for pockets)

Plus the items you wish to mount ?
anything with a clutch back can be pushed through the backing, I used a small ice pick first to make the holes.
Pin backs I used small holes and thread to hold in place.

Once the extra pane of glass is removed and the spacer is put back
there is just enough room for the MAT to fit flush allowing the edge clips

to be pushed back in place and secure the back to the frame

PLEASE NOTE The space that is left for the Medals, Ribbons, badges or patches.
I placed a pin back ribbon bar in the space that is produced and as you can see
its not flat down to the backing yet and there is still enough room,


Below is the floating frame taken apart, The extra pane of glass and the spacer
are standing up above the Frame and front Glass


Below is the simple fold at the edge of the Felt to make the collar

Below is the back of the frame with the spacer & 1 pane of glass removed
and replaced with the Mat Back Board


Super simple and not very expensive at all

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