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Two brothers USS Hoist Pawcatuck Idaho


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One brother served in WW2 on the USS Idaho as a Gunners Mate First Class Gun Captain and the other during the 50s and 60s on the USS Hoist and Pawcatuck.


My birthday present to myself.



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9 minutes ago, Salvage Sailor said:

Nice Grouping,


Have any photos of the foul weather jacket?









I will get some pictures soon. 

Just got home with it and I’ve had some other things to deal with.


It might be father and son?


 Thank you for posting the Hoist items, this fellow was a Signalmans Mate 3rd Class and played football.


Those are supposed to be his football jerseys but they look more like basketball.

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I did take this picture.


His custom made WW2 jumper and a picture of him wearing it.


Is he wearing 2 Pacific Campaign medals?



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21 minutes ago, jerry_k said:

 Nice grouping. How about a chambray shirt?



He was also on the USS Vulcan but there’s no shirt for that one either.

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42 minutes ago, Kurt Barickman said:

Having been a Gunners Mate as well (although much later than this guy) I can appreciate it. Nice USN pickup.



Thank you Kurt, what possible post did he hold as a gun captain?

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