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Unit awards during Vietnam


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Hope everyone is having a good new year!


Looking to fact check the following:

- Marine with Co M, 3d Bn, 1st Mar, 1st Mar Div (Rein) FMF

- serving in Vietnam (between Tam Ky and Quang Ngai)

- from Feb 17 - May 10, 1966 (KIA)

would be eligible for

- Marine Corps Presidential Unit Citation

- VN Gallantry Cross (unit)

- VN Civil Actions Medal (unit)


In support of

- PUC, all I have so far is The 1st Marine Division and its Regiments (pg 30 // pdf pg 36); would really appreciate a link to the supporting MC Bulletin 1650

- RVN unit awards 721.4.c of SECNAVINST 1650.1H (pg 195)


Thank you in advance,


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In support of the PUC, would this be enough to feel confident it's earned? (Either way, would still love to see a source doc like the actual MCBul1650.)

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