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70th Division / French foreign legion group ?


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Here an eBay find 

All the medals are older 40s the French and Belgium ones had long pins removed .

He must have served with FFL prior to joining the U S army  to get some of earlier French awards . The Belgium ones I assume could have been for earlier actions also ?

I found he arrived in England in mid 1943 way prior to 70th divisions arrival .

any one have any FFL research ideas ?

he may even of used an assumed name ?

I thought it was a neat group . 







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I just noticed the article from 1943 is not him different fathers name .

so he was not in england mid 1943 .

i believe the only way he received the earlier french awards would be fighting with french prior to us involvement ?


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My guess given his rank, date of birth and US awards is that the French medals were just souvenirs. The 70th saw action in Alsace-Lorraine and then in Germany Rhineland. I used to do all of the 70th WWII reunions when I was in the Division and have no knowledge of any former Legionairres. There were SS men who attended as well as other Germans and they were all welcomed and talked about. Nothing that I can recall about any French. My guess is souvenirs unless you find some engraving or other documents.    Scott

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