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Help Identifying transport MT227


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Hello! What a great forum. New here, son of a WWII Army vet, and needing some help. I recently found out what ship my father's outfit crossed the English Channel on. Late to the invasion, on 8/26/44, they arrived at Southampton Port of Embarkation and boarded MT227 and started across to Utah Beach. Can anyone tell me what MT stands for (Motor Tanker or Military Transport?), and if there is a data base that will further identify vessel 227 specifically? If not, maybe context would help at least suggest what the vessel might have been. My father's outfit was a AAA 90mm gun battalion. Data suggests that each the 5 batteries travelled across separately. However, being in the 95 plus man Hq with less cargo than a firing battery (no big guns and prime mover tractors), they came apparently separate from their trucks and radar as they had to climb down cargo netting into Higgins boats (LCVP) and wade ashore. The latter seemed strange to me at this late a date but I'm sure Utah was bottlenecked, especially after the big mulberry destroying storm. Looking forward to the discussion, and thanks ahead of time y'all!!! 

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