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Pistol Expert/Sword Badge


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I have owned a grouping of Mexican Border/WWI US Army 103rd for while and never really paid much attention to his qualification badge. What is your opinion, it is unmarked but appears to be silver.  I know this sword leg is not as valuable as the Sword Pin and is not this style of crossed pistols USMC?  What do you think?




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39 minutes ago, USMCR79 said:

Army qualification bar that someone put on a Marine Corps pistol shot badge.



try again


Army Pistol badge post 1911  had crossed 1911's until 1921 when the more familiar badge came into service



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Thanks for the information, makes sense because he was Federalized, New Hampshire NG, sent to boarder in 1916 and then on to France in WWI.  I read only 2 sword expert per company, qualified on horseback and discontinued in 1926.  Gave the boys something to do while waiting on Pancho Villa.

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