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1-194 CAB, 34th ID uniform group from HKIA


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This came to me earlier this year from a guy I had served with back in the day, we were deployed together in 2011, and until I got out we were in the same platoon as well.  I have kept his name covered since he is still in. After he left HKIA I was telling him to set aside a uniform or something as a memento of his time there, didn’t think he would ask if I wanted it instead. 

While it’s a small group, it’s probably the most historically significant uniform I have in my collection. Just so happens to be from a 34th Division vet, and my old unit too, so even cooler in my eyes. The flag was one he carried with him over there and the two patches were made on the deployment as well. The best part of this grouping came when we actually linked up for lunch as it had been at least six years since we had last seen each other. 


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