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Philippines Insurrection-Boxer Era Portrait: Army Officers in Japan


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Thought I would add this one for the record. Two US Army officers in summer whites wearing the white 1895 service cap, one of who, ignored regulations by adding the US arms on the front of his cap. They are in the coastal port of Nagasaki. This city was a popular coaling stop for transports moving US soldiers and sailors to either China or the Philippine. Their choice of portrait motif, the popular photograph “riding in a rickshaw”. The result, the local photographer produced a well composed cabinet card sized image. 



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Alec thanks! And yes I do….certain photographers would be favored during a particular ships port call or by custom….in this case I have seen this photographer before 

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Excellent photo of a little-known uniform.


MG Adna R. Chaffee and an unidentified aide in Manila, the Philippines, wearing the M1895 white uniform & hat.  Note the white shoes.


MG Chaffee & BG Jacob Smith at Tacloban, Leyte, the Philippines in the same uniform.  Note MG Chaffee is wearing his sword.


Philippine Commission in the white uniform.


General Arthur MacArthur, Governor of the Philippines, wearing the M1895 white uniform (no hat visible).

General Chaffee & aide wearing the M1895 white uniform in the Philippines.png

MG Adna R Chaffee & BG Jacob Smith in Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines.jpg

Philippine Commission.webp

Arthur MacArthur, Governor of Philippines.webp

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