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1st SFG(A) Okinawa dive patch


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This unique patch was worn in Okinawa by 1st Special Forces Group cadre but I’m not sure which course or courses they ran.


It appears to have been worn very late during the Vietnam War, 1972-1973.


The Camp Hardy Combat Training Center ran pre deployment training courses for Vietnam bound personnel; maybe this patch is from there. But the late war, possible post war, time period may rule that out.


Attached are pics of the 1st Special Forces Group veteran who originally wore this patch. 


He was with “UWO Detachment 1” on Okinawa but I’m waiting on clarification from him on that designation. “UWO” stands for “Underwater Operations,” so I’m not sure if he was part of a permanent training team (or committee) or his A Team rotated as a training team. 

It may have been a combat diver course.

In any case, I’m happy to be it’s caretaker and know where it came from and who wore it. 






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16 hours ago, USASFTHAI said:

Did you ever find out any further information on this patch?


No but I’m going to ask again. 

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On 3/18/2023 at 3:57 PM, Longhorn92 said:

No but I’m going to ask again. 


Firstly, outstanding find. Your taste level and eye is always impressive to me. 


Just read something late last night about an SF dive team being shuttled from Oki to Laos to salvage either a helo or T-28 that had gone down in a river. I usually have thirty tabs open at the same time but I hope I'll stumble into that tidbit again. Looking forward to any more info you might turn up. 

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