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"A G-I" Modern Manufacturer Hallmark on Ribbon Bar


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I'm trying to clear up a few loose ends before the new year and I have three ribbon bars simply marked with a large "A" on the left side of the back and a smaller "G-I" on the right. I might can post pictures (my Kindle took a direct hit in the charge port with drops of snowmelt while in my pocket!, but I'm working around things), but they are plain letters and not stylized, so it isn't too helpful. It's on a Philippine Liberation and two Air Force Longevity Service ribbons, so that doesn't narrow it down. The "G-I" makes them modern. I'm hoping someone has encountered them on the card or has seen documentation. I've not seen anything for it on here.



|                                                         |

|  A  ======= G-I    |

|                                                         |


This gives you a basic idea of what I've describing. Very simple. Very annoying.

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I found this image online that has a similar setup to what I'm enquiring about. I may have one with this setup from another batch I need to work through. The unmarked corrugated backs are up next.


A G-I.webp

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