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Black Sheep - 8th Fighter-Bomber Squadron


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    I picked these up yesterday and I thought that I would post them and see what your opinion was on them. First is a bullion patch or badge for the Black Sheep, with wool sheep and backing. There are four pins in the back to attach to the uniform. It is to bad that a hungry moth did take a small bit of the sheep at the neck. Also included was a Corona cigarette lighter with the 8th Fighter-Bomber Squadron one the front. The lighter is in the original cellophane wrap and in the original box.

     What are your thoughts on the date of these two items? Where should I post this in the forum to ask about their value?

      Thank you for and comments and opinions.











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Patch looks fine, Japan made. Can't speak to the lighter except to say Corona is Japanese as well. The patch has pins as these were normally affixed to a blazed during unit functions. Dates from the mid 50s.



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1953-1957 Misawa AB, Japan F-84-era 8th FBS "Corona" lighter: $35.-$50. in the current economy. Mine is identical (minus the original cello & box). Thumbs up on the bullion. Very cool!

8th Fighter-Bomber Sqdn Misawa AB, Japan F-84 '53-'57  C.JPG

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