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Airborne lid on eBay


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The para straps on fixed bails isn't unheard of, there weren't always enough M2s to go around and the bails would sometimes break.


That being said, I don't think this one is good. I think the chinstraps look reproduction. To me it also looks like the bit of the markings were painted on, then overpainted, and then stripped after the helmet had already aged naturally.


Seems like the typical "found in Normandy" helmet but I'd be interested in hearing what others have to say.


Here are the rest of the pictures from the listing:













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2 hours ago, ShibaLegend said:

Don't see what makes it a normandy used helmet other than the markings that are supposedly on the helmet. 

Because of the painted over spade designating the 327th GIR used primarily on Dday plus, everyone wants it to be a Dday used helmet. Of course, all this is a moot point since this is nothing more than an attempt at faking an overpainted 327th. My guess is that most collectors have figured this out already based on the low number of bids with only one day left.

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Ugly and fake, love how the paint is still on where they have added the insignia, repro chin straps to boot as mentioned 

This was clearly a rusted M1 with no chinstraps and paint and some clown has added all of this to make a quick buck. 

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