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WWII U.S. Navy Bureau of Ordnance 40mm Cannon Ammunition Display Board


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I just picked up 2 WWII U.S. Navy Bureau of Ordnance 40 MM Cannon Ammunition Sectionalized Display Board 

The display board has never been used and Still in an un-opened original wooden packing crates , I did open one crate to check the condition and it was like it was made yesterday.
They were manufactured (circa 1940) for the United States Navy’s Bureau of Ordinance by the Gardner Display Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally 50 such display boards were made and sent to Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station in SanDiego.

Used for educational purposes, primarily recognition, the board shows different types of (inert) 40 mm ammunition (armor-piercing, incendiary, etc), some sectionalised. The shells were for use with the ‘Bofors’ gun, an ‘Autocannon’ that was the US Navy’s anti-aircraft weapon of choice during WWII. This type of automatic gun remains in service today in various forms, making the ‘Bofors’ both one of the longest-serving artillery pieces of all time as well as one of the most wide spread across the militaries of the world.
Another such display board from the original group of 50 manufactured is on display at the Battleship Cove Museum in Massachusetts.

Dimensions: 91.5 cm/36 inches (width) x 91.5 cm/36 inches (height) the crate and contents  weight is just under 90 lbs


It is my intention to Donate one to a West Coast Naval Museum (any suggestions?)





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Charlie Flick

A very cool item, particularly in mint shape.


For a suitable West Coast museum I would suggest the Hawthorne Ordnance Museum at Hawthorne, NV.   https://hawthorneordnancemuseum.com/


Hawthorne is where the U.S. Navy operated one of the largest Ordnance Depots in the World.  Today it is run by the U.S. Army.  I suspect that millions of rounds of 40mm ammunition passed through the Depot there.  The Museum, which I have visited, would I am sure be very grateful for a generous and relevant gift such as you propose.




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Here's another Sectionalized 5" Training Shell from the same period which was crated, (also from same estate as above).  Pretty nice condition for 80+ years old







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