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VBF-19 | Bombing-Fighting Squadron NINETEEN


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VBF-19 | Bombing-Fighting Squadron NINETEEN


Commissioned 13 Jan 1945 with thirty-six aircraft, Alameda, CA as part of CAG-19, Air Group NINETEEN.


On 1 Feb it had 63 pilots and four enlisted on board. On 6 Feb 1945 the squadron relocated with the Air Group at NAS Santa Rosa. Following training the squadron, on 3 Aug 1945 the squadron logged aboard the USS Langeley (CVL-27). On 9 Aug 1945 the squadron arrived at NAS Kahului, Maui, TH with a complement of 57 officers and 14 enlisted personnel. Planes assigned: 28 F4U-4; 4 F6F-5P. The squadron was still in training as the war ended. Western Pacific Cruise aboard USS Hornet (CV-12) 11 Oct 1945 - 3 Nov 1945.


As with many squadrons after World War II, VBF-19 made several designation changes. The first change was two years later, on 24 August 1948 when it became VF-192, and its final change was on 15 February 1950 when it became VF-114, at the time known as the Executioners. Between 1963 and 1975, VF-114 made nine cruises to Vietnam and the Western Pacific, all aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, flying the F-4B.  On 15 December 1975 VF-114 transitioned to the Grumman F-14 Tomcat along with its sister squadron VF-213.  Like almost half of the F-14 community following Operation 'Desert Storm', VF-114 was disestablished as part of post-Cold War reductions in Naval Aviation. VF-114 was officially disestablished in a final ceremony at NAS Miramar on 30 April 1993.


Redesignated: 24 Aug 1948  | VF-192


Though the artwork is seen in references, and the patch has been reproduced since, below is the only example I have seen of VBF-19's original WWII-era insignia.


Embroidered on wool







US Military Patches


VF-114 Aardvarks


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