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Opinions Sought on this Para Liner


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Hello friends!


I’ve had this para liner, marked Firestone, with lighter OD green webbing and darker OD green yokes and the green paint I normally associate with liners from the early 60s..any idea what the heck this is?













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the rivets, buckles and webbing on the yokes look like the P-55 Westy I posted earlier for review asking the same question...

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WWII-era produced Firestone liner with a post-war Munsel green repaint. The a-yokes are late war Westinghouse style that were added either very late in the war or shortly after it ended. No one seems to quite agree on when and why these were added. They were not used during WWII though. 

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Thanks so much; makes sense given the colors of the webbing and yokes and overall construction..the Munsel green was used post-‘68 is that correct?


I can’t recall what I paid for this thing (I know I hoped it was late war—guess I was partially right!). Any idea what ballpark such a liner would sell for? 

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