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Christie T3 convertible medium tank

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This is my third post on this forum. Here is the last project I've started : the Christie T3 convertible medium tank as used in 1935 8 by the 67th armored regiment.

It is full scratch built in 1/16 scale. Here are some photos of the model and you invited to see more in my site at http://manu-military.e-monsite.com

Thanks for looking and your comments.





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Hey Manu-Military welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see the finished product! What did you use for the bolt heads?



Time to downsize! I'm selling off a large portion of my collection. Message me for the most up to date list of items.

I have American and foreign; Army, Air Force, and Navy; Span-Am War to current; mostly originals but some reproductions.


Always looking for numbered Purple Hearts and Silver Stars. Message me if you have any, maybe we can make a deal.


Looking for Purple Heart number 172669.

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Hey Manu-Military welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see the finished product! What did you use for the bolt heads?


Thanks for your (so) quick answer. I use scale-hardware products. They are cheap, excellent finish and Bob is a very friendly and helpful guy.

The delivery costs to France is peanuts and very quick.

I just can't but recommend his site http://www.scalehardware.com

Cheers from Normandy!


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Very interesting to say the least. I have always marveled at the skill and the time, research... it takes to scratch build models. I look forward to seeing the finished product.



Always looking for Wings & Named Air Medals!

Motto: To Collect, Preserve, and Remember!







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Hi Manu,

Excellant work i love scratch built models this is looking like a great project i am looking forward to seeing

the finished item. I built a launch ramp fo my V1 flying bomb, i would love to show it but im not sure if i can

on this forum. Could anyone tell me if it can go on here, Keep up the good work.


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Picked up an inexpensive photo album that belonged to a man in the 114th Field Artillery Regiment (Mississippi National Guard) of the 31st Infantry Division. In July 1934, the regiment was sent to Fort Knox for two weeks of field training. Among the photos the soldier snapped while there is this one showing a group of officers and men gathered around the Army's "latest" armored vehicles.


In the foreground is the M1931 Christie tank, designated the T3. Only nine T3s were built by Christie. Five were acquired by the US Army, while two were sold to Poland and two to the Soviet Union. The two purchased by the Soviet Union served as the models for the famous T34! Three of the T3s retained by the US were assigned to the 1st US Cavalry at Fort Knox and the other two went to the 67nd Infantry (Tanks) Regiment. Shown here is one of the three belonging to the 1st Cavalry. On the side of the turret can be seen the crossed swords insignia and on the hull the "Blackhawk" insignia of the 1st Cavalry.


Perhaps even rarer is the second vehicle. Although blocked by the T3 and the men, there are enough details to identify it (I think!) as the T4 Armored Car (1931). There were only two prototypes ordered and tested!






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Just a few more shots for today:


The back of the road wheels. The tube will go over another tube which simulate the suspension arms.








The "rubber tire of the sprocket wheels"




This is the drive chain over the drive disk that goes inside the sprocket wheel when the tank is being driven on the road wheels rather than on its tracks. This is made from the sprocket wheel of the B1 bis Tamiya 1/35 kit and the chain is of the smallest transmision chain I could find on the market. Though they perfectly match, the disks will be stored on the engine deck and the chains on the mud guards.





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