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Anyone Bought RTI's Original / SEALED WWII M1911 BALL Crates?


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Apparently Royal Tiger Imports (RTI) has imported a hoard of original WWII ammo (.30-06 / .30 Carbine / .45) still in the original WWII crates & 'Spam Cans.'  (SEE LINK & PICS BELOW)


  Word is this ammo is coming from Ethiopia, spurring a LOT of debate online about likely storage conditions in HOT weather, how such conditions might affect the ammo's performance and whether it's priced accordingly (for shooting)... 


  I'm looking at it more from a collecting point of view and am wondering if anyone here on USMF has purchased any of these crates / cans...? If so, what was condition like? WHEN did you purchase? Shipping? Overall experience? Did you open it?


  Current Prices are: 


  $499 for a 384rd. crate of .30-06 M2 BALL (Packed on M1 Clips & Bandoleers in 2x 192rd. 'Spam Cans')  TW LOT 40935 = 1950s production??? (Guessing)

  $599 for a 1200rd. crate of M1911 BALL (Steel Cased) (Packed in 24 50rd. Cartons in 2x 600rd. 'Spam Cans')  LOT ECS-S-25133 / Repacked EC-5-44  Headstamp is "ECS 43"

    +SHIPPING (FL-VA via FedEx):  $83 / .30-06 Crate  $85 / .45 Crate ($116 for 2)


  Not great prices for shooting, and I'm not terribly interested in what is likely post-war .30-06, but close enough to consider adding a sealed crate of original WWII .45 M1911 Steel Cased BALL to the collection... Curious to hear everyone's thoughts / experiences here.


LINK:  https://www.royaltigerimports.com/category-s/1919.htm

WWII RTI Ammo Hoarde #2 (.45 Crates).webp

WWII RTI Ammo Hoarde #1 (.30 Crates).webp

WWII RTI .45 Crates #1.webp

WWII RTI .45 Crates #5.jpg

WWII RTI .45 Crates #7.jpg

WWII RTI .45 Crates #8.jpg

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